Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pusong Bato

This February 2013,
Youth Joy in God's Salvations (JIGS)
PUSONG BATO: Renewing the Hearts for Soul Winning.

Come! Join us every Sunday, 2:30pm at Taytay New Life Fellowship.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Polka at the back

  For me to feel comfortable and to avoid hassles, I usually wear jeans on a normal day (weekdays) . It is because we don't have uniform. BUT, but but.. we have dress code.

One Sunday, I just feel like wearing a skirt. Naks. Sunday is a very special day for me. It is for God. Well, everyday is for God but Sunday is different. I always want to make myself (my heart, my mind, my soul, EVERYTHING, even physically) presentable to God when going to church. 

I really really really LOVE dressing up. Hihi. And for Sundays, I should be at my best! (Kumbaga Sunday's best! I remembered my Sunday school teacher and grade school Christian Living Education telling us this.) 

Trying a twirl shot. Fail.

I so love this top. Why? It looks like just a plain top in front but the details are at the back. Not just details, those are polka dots. Do you know how much I love polka? Ahihihi.

Ladies, you don't have to wear those tops that  have cutouts just to give accent to your outfit. There are a lot of tops that you can wear that shows less skin.

Watch gift from Dra. de Lumen | Penshoppe & TQSIA accessories

Genevieve Gozum belt

Pinkbox head band | Bazaar top | Genevieve Gozum skirt| J. Fuss doll shoes

Can't explain the face. Hahaha! Hi messy hair. :)

Spread love, my beautiful readers!
Kisses, T Q S I A <3

Sunday, January 20, 2013

All in one

Polka dots, wedge, green and orange. All in one. I was just like "I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY OUTFIT TODAY! :">
It was a sunny and windy afternoon that day so I took the opportunity to take my outfit photos. Hihi.

I love how this blouse perfectly fits on my arms. Yes, it is sleeveless but still, your undergarment won't be seen. 
Pursue  Modesty. :)

Destiny!Ting ting ting!!!  This polka blouse, I bought somewhere (I really forgot :( ), and wedge sandals were a good combination.

Keds Wedge | Accessories (from Mom :>)

(I am so KILIG :">)
Folded and Hung Pants 

It was so windy that day so I keep on fixing my hair. Hahahaha!

Have a blessed and fun week, lovely people!
 T Q S I A <3

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