Sunday, January 20, 2013

All in one

Polka dots, wedge, green and orange. All in one. I was just like "I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY OUTFIT TODAY! :">
It was a sunny and windy afternoon that day so I took the opportunity to take my outfit photos. Hihi.

I love how this blouse perfectly fits on my arms. Yes, it is sleeveless but still, your undergarment won't be seen. 
Pursue  Modesty. :)

Destiny!Ting ting ting!!!  This polka blouse, I bought somewhere (I really forgot :( ), and wedge sandals were a good combination.

Keds Wedge | Accessories (from Mom :>)

(I am so KILIG :">)
Folded and Hung Pants 

It was so windy that day so I keep on fixing my hair. Hahahaha!

Have a blessed and fun week, lovely people!
 T Q S I A <3

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