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BDJ Box Beauty Soiree with Shiseido

Recently, BDJ Box had an event called Beauty Soiree with Shiseido at 2F Hallway Area, New Eastwood Mall. There are 4 talks for the event and only 25 participants can join each talk. This event is open for BDJ Box subscribers and BDJ planner users. (Hahaha! Perk of being a bella! You can be invited in events like this.)

At first, I thought that I won't be able to attend this event because I haven't got any invites. But.. But.. BUT.. Thanks to Ms. Karen Bordador of RX 93.1, the host for this event, for giving me an exclusive invite for the whole event (?) or at least for the two talks. :) Super thank you, Ms. Karen! It is because of you that I had the chance to attend this fabulous event!

 All attendees can enjoy up to 20% discount on Shiseido Products purchased during the event!

Basic Beauty Arsenal
Build or update your kikay kit as Shiseido Experts show you the basic beauty tools every girl must have, and learn how to use them. Plus! Discover your own beauty with Shiseido tech tools to simulate a more beautiful you. Be one of the first to try out the Shiseido Handy MMS, Moisture Analyzer and iPad Make-up Simulation.

Shiseido Skin Care and Flawless Makeup
Great skin comes from using the right products and having good skin care habits. Discover the amazing breakthrough in skin brightening technology: Shiseido White Lucent. Then let the Shiseido Experts show you how to perfect your skin with flawless foundation and day make-up application.

Sun Care and Summer Makeup
Be a ray of sunshine this summer! Get ready for some sun-loving as Shiseido’s Skin Care Experts talk about much-needed sunblock know-how. Learn how to get that bright-eyed sun-kissed look with summer make-up application.

Day to Night Transformation
There’s more to make-up than what you’re used to putting on day to day. Make your everyday look more special, something you can transition from day to night. Let the Shiseido experts show you how.

Very feminine lounge! Lovely, right?
I attended the first two talks: Basic Beauty Arsenal and Shiseido Skin Care and Flawless Makeup. I want to attend the other talks pa sana but I have class in the afternoon. :( I can't absent myself there because it is a review, exams were coming that time!

I was alone. Yes.. Hahaha! But that's fine. Everyone' so friendly especially the BDJ staff and Shiseido staff. Actually, I had a chitchat with Mr. Labindao, Senior make-up artist and Shisedo Make-up artist team. Lots of kwentos! Hahaha!

Essential Steps for Amazing Skin at Any age: Skincare 1-2-3 Cleanse, soften and moisturize!

I was chosen to be the model for the second talk. Ahihihi. I am so kilig. :">  Well, it was a fun experience!   
Shiseido products are definitely good! No. Not good.. The best (?) :) There's a different feeling kasi after Ms. Celeste Chavez applied the skincare 1-2-3 to my face. Honestly, I have sensitive skin so it's hard for me to trust skincare products but because nothing happened on my face. TADAAAANN! I would say that I want to try other products of Shiseido.

With Ms. Celeste Echavez, Training Manager, Shiseido Philippines

Shiseido Loot Bag

What's inside?
Shiseido Hydronourishing Softener | Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam| Shiseido Maquillage Styling Eyes

They gave me this loot bag for being a "model" on Shiseido Skin Care and Flawless Makeup talk. I so love it! I am realy excited to try these products ASAP! Thank you so much, BDJ and Shiseido!

I also want to take the BDJ planner ladies especially Ms. Rissa for being so nice! Although I did not get my confirmation e-mail, still, you let me attend the event!

This was truly a fun day! I learned a lot.

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*Photos grabbed from Shiseido Philippines


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