Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plain Meets Printed Scarf

Plain shirt + scarf as necklace = BOOM! :)
I love how this scarf helped my outfit not to look plain. FYI, I did not wear the scarf for accessorizing purpose. Hahaha! The neck line is mababa so for me not to be that daring and for the dress code also, so there!

On me: Jellybean animal printed scarf

Top courtesy of Mom| Human pants | The Little Thing She Needs shoes | Geneva watch

Laugh your heart out loud! I am so overjoyedl! Second semester is over! Thank You Lord!

Hugs and kisses!
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  1. Wow! Just bumbed in to yourlog for the first time and i like your scarf! God! Dying to have one.. Keep it up!

    1. I bought the scarf from Jellybean! Thank you, Czarinna! :)


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