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Push: Three Years More

Hi to my lovely readers. I am sorry that I was not able to update my blog. I have been so busy these past few weeks. :(

           The Equatorial Celebration is an official academic function for the students who have completed their first two years in the University (i.e., liberal education at CAS) and who have already begun their fields of specialization (under the Graduate Schools and Institutes). As an academic rite of passage, the Equatorial Celebration marks the students’ crossing over the halfway point of their course of studies. (

          They say that we have passed the equator already, meaning, we are halfway done in our chosen fields. For us, industrial engineering students, we have just finished our two years. When we finished our third year, that is the time that we can say that we have passed the equator already :( Hahaha!

At Fortades' crib. We forgot to take our "before" pictures. With Jem, Yasmeen, Melody, me, Flora Sare, Bea and Jenice. (left to right)
I love these gorgeous ladies!

With Justine, my forever classmate. Hihihi.  Isn't she so lovely?

With Dr. Edwin Olmos, our Physics professor. He is so good, kind, nice, etc.. Seriously speaking!

After the equatorial rites, we got our yellow beca already! Yey! 

That guy in the middle, Poch, thank you so much for the photos!

People are People Shoes

Vinta Blazer | Forever21 black bandage dress | UA&P SSE yellow beca

When I saw this dress in Forever21, I was so happy. Why? It is because I can use it not just in a formal event like the equatorial rites, but also in parties or other events. Black dresses never goes out of style

Girls from SSE (Applied Math, Industrial Engineering and information Technology)
"Next na magkikita tayo, sa PICC na." - Sir Jon of CSA

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Three years more. Hello PICC after three years! 

Photos by Poch Reyes

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