Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sidekicks Reloaded: Graduation

This is the last day of  DVBS 2013. GRADUATION! :)
I talked about the Day 1-5 on my last post. (here)

*Sorry. I wasn't able to take photos during the awarding. I have a lot of things during the program. 

Our very own puppet, Gorem! :)
We also have a puppet ministry in our church. We still have more puppets. Next time, I'll have a separate post about them! :)

Busy captain and deputy captains

With my baby brother

With my Ninong/our Senior Pastor, Pastor Pablo de Leon

With,children's ministry chairman, DVBS Director, my sister-in-Christ, Ate Pearl

We were so happy to have these hardworking people to help us.  We had 15 teachers (all in all) which was a WOW for us. Thank you so much, volunteers and soon-to-be teachers! :)

Congratulations Agent Preps, Mightors, Defenders!
 Congrats Sidekicks!

Clap clap clap!
Happy to serve!

Thank You Lord for giving us everything that we need. This mission would not be possible without You!
Thank you for all your prayers, support and help!
To God be the glory.

Every Sunday: 
Morning service (9:30am)
Sunday school for kids(10:00am)
Youth Service (2:30pm)
Evening Service (7:00pm)

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Let us continue to share God's love.
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Sidekicks Reloaded: Day 1-5

Last April 8-13, we had our Daily Vacation Bible School for kids entitled Sidekicks Reloaded. It was a week filled with games, lessons, dance, songs and Word of God. This is our fourth year of having DVBS in our church and we thank God for the provision, strength, knowledge he had given us.

For those who do not know, I am part of our Kids' Ministry in Taytay New Life Fellowship. I am a Sunday school teacher and I really love kids!

With my brother, Jed

DVBS Director, Ate Pearl and our Youth Pastor, Pastor Raymond Martinez

These are some photos during the DVBS 2013.
Next post: Sidekicks Reloaded Graduation

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