Friday, April 5, 2013

After So Many Years

Last week, my cousins in Laguna went here in Rizal for a little (?) bonding! Hahaha! That's the reason why I did not post anything last week.  Finally! We had done something FUN after so many years. :) (Note: Children below 10 years of age aren't allowed to come with us! They can just visit us there) We just want to have the US time. :P

Day 1: Pool Party and sleepover at Tita Joan's house +++ FOOD party na din 

With my brother, Ian. :) 

Tricia (left) | Cheska (right)

Ate Chin (leftmost)

Me, Ate Chin, Tricia, Cyril and Cheska

Chocolate fountain +  marshmallow = HAPPY ME
Hahaha! We stopped swimming because of this. It's only that time that I knew that we all love chocolate and marshmallow! 

Here are my two baby brothers. Hahaha! Ian and Jed. I love these two boys even though.. (THEY ARE SO MAKULIT!!!!)

The girl in blue is my eldest cousin, Ate April. 
Thank you Tricia for making this Graham cake for us!

So as usual, before going to bed, we watched 4 horror movies. They love to watch horror movies, swear! That's what we always do when my cousins go here in Rizal.

With my Baby brother, Jed.

Day 1 is over! We had a lot of photos but I need to choose few for this. :)
Thank you, Tita Joan, Tricia and Cyril fo accommodating us. Naks. 

How was your vacation so far? :)
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