Friday, April 12, 2013

Drop Off Area

Better late than never - post. Hahaha!
This is about our Day 2 bonding. See Day 1 here. Still, I am with my beloved cousins. :)
Day 2: Visited Totie + swimming at Cambridge

With Totie (grandpa) Why Totie? It's just our pauso actually. We used to call our grandma Teta (which means grandmother n Saudi Arabia) so there. Hahaha. End of the story. We missed him so much so we decided to go to his house. He had a funny reaction because he was so surprised that we are grown-ups already (although we meet us regularly).

Next stop: Cambridge Village Condominium

L-R | Ian, Ate April, me, Tricia, Cheska, Ate Chin, Tita Babes and Cyril
Credits to Kuya Elmo :>

With Ate Chin (Lindsay)

Cyril (Daniel Padilla daw)

Fail jump shot -___- 

Have you noticed that we love taking pictures in front of the mirror? :>

Ate April, Tita Babes and me

My baby brother, Jed, with our cousin, Enax

I was in loved with the lights for a while. Hahaha! I tried to have my outfit post to be taken here. :P
See outfit post here.

Are you having fun with your summer?

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