Monday, April 15, 2013

Flawless and Radiant Makeup Workshop: The Japanese Way

I won a slot in Animetrics's Flawless and Radiant Makeup Workshop at the Shiseido botique in Power Plant Mall. This was the second time that I attended a makeup workshop with Shiseido. The first one was the Beauty Soiree. I enjoyed this workshop, although, it was almost the same.

*Grabbed from Sophie
*grabbed from Tellie

Skin care products
What I learned most during the workshop is that we must focus more on taking care of our skin rather than putting a lot of makeup on our face. Why? Makeup can just be your mask. After you remove your makeup, it is still you!The discolorations, the damages, etc. on your skin are still there. It is better to invest more on skin care products. Good news! Shiseido products take good care of your skin. Makeups are just extension of their products.

With Mr. Joven Labindao , senior make-up artist and Shisedo Make-up artist team. He is the one I'm talking about on my Beauty Soiree blog (See here) We had a little chitchat again! 

With Sophie
She is so  friendly. I arrived early at the venue. She talked to me and told me more about Sample Room.  Go! Register now and get your samples for free.

With Tellie
It was nice seeing her here. She is a beauty blogger. So pretty, right?

With Jes

With Rowena
Thank you for this workshop! :)

I loved this workshop. I learned a lot AND.. I met other bloggers. I think that's what I really loved. Hi new friends! Hope to see you soon on the next events!

Don't forget to take good care of your skin!
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  1. nice meeting you dear =) ako yung nagpicture sayo =) hihi

  2. OMG so true! Who is that Tellie, she's so pretty! Lol jk :P

  3. wow huh. ganda kasi skin mo kaya sayo sila nagdidemo.


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