Friday, April 5, 2013


I was trying to have my pictures taken for my outfit post but it is so hard to get the timing! Haha. Why? My cousins are with me, which I was talking on my last post, so the tendency is wherever the camera is, they will go in front and have their picture taken too. 

I should consider these pictures as success because only Tricia is with me. :)
We goofed in front of the camera instead!

Tricia: Mango top | Vans shoes
Isn't she so pretty? Love you cousin! Follow her on Twitter!

On me: Geneva watch | DIY bracelets | Forever21 top | Hangten jeans | Converse shoes

Gotcha! :)

We both want to have undercut. We are actually planning to have undercut! Cool, yeah? Haha! What do you think?

How are you, my dear?
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