Monday, April 8, 2013

Purple Peplum

Cardigan (gift) | Daniella's Top | My Little Nook Purple Peplum Skirt
It is peplum again! I am so soryy, I just can't resist wearing my peplum skirts. I'm addicted to them! Hihi!

DIY accessories

Jewels Necklace

Look at its details! Every time I wear this pair of flats, people would say that t looks like wood. Yes it is! BUT.. It gives me a comfy feeling, very light shoes. :)

The weather is really unpredictable now. Sometimes it's every hot then it will rain after so I wore this cardigan so I have a cover (ready!) if it'll rain and just remove it if it's too hot. It also served as an accessory because I wore plain top and plain skirt. Adding something printed to your outfit would make it better! 

How are you? :)
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