Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Chapter

I have just turned 18 last May 12! Thank God for His guidance for the past 18 years of my life. :) I am really really really grateful for everything!

This is a photo diary of what happened on my birthday. :) That was a Sunday so definitely I'll be attending services at TNLF. 

This was my morning outfit. See outfit post here.

Two(Ima and Noreen) of my closest girl friends went to our church. I was so kilig. They came all the way to Taytay from Pililia and Tanay. :"> They attended the youth service. After that, we just had a chill time at Mai Milk Tea. :) So sad. I need to go back agad-agad sa church because of a meeting.

I went upstairs then poooffff! Surprise! Happy birthday to me. :)

Speech daw.

Thank you for this, Ate Pot! You're so sweet. Hahaha! I thought they forgot about my birthday already. I love you, JiGS family!

From my bebes. Even though I'm not in their cell group anymore, still, they made this for me! Thank you!

L-R: Ate Hanna, Ate Pot, Ptra. Joy, me, Ate Anjel
Ptra. Joy is one of my fave pastor. I got so kilig because of this picture. You know how much I love photos right? So having photos with my fave people really makes me happy and kilig! ;)

With Ptr. Dennis Teague

L-R: Ate Anjel, Ate Jheng, Ate Martha, Sister Diane Teague, me, Ate Pot and Ptra. Divine de Leon

Dinner at home with some of my close friends at church.

With Ate Martha, my beloved mentor! :)

With Ate Pot

With Marianne

Me, Ate Martha, Ate Pot, Ate Anjel

delos Angeles brothers! Kuya Awayt, Kuya Joel, Kuya Jay, Jorem

With our youth pastor, Ptr. Raymond, his lovely wife and Keo!

With Ante Anjel and Edrian

With Ate Han and Kuya Owa goofin' around at the back.

Outfit: afternoon-evening. Mint pants | Penshoppe slippers

051513: Dinner with my Ninongs and Ninangs at Shakey's. 
This is not a part of my birthday celebration. Hahaha! I feel like it's still my birthday that time. 

Mom and Jed.

With Ninang Josie, Caleb and Ninong Jovy
My Ninongs and Ninangs are just like my friends. Swear. Hahaha! We are very close to each other. :)

Mom and my Ninangs

Top from bazaar | Seventeen pants | Officine sandals

I did not have that "bonggang" debut but I am very happy and contented. My fave missionaries went here in the Philippines for me! No. I am just kidding. Hahaha. They went here for a revival so I grabbed the opportunity to be prayed over. I got those material gifts but  the best gift I got on my birthday is prayer.

I had three birthday celebrations actually (including these two). Hahaha. I really enjoyed. Keep on checking my blog for the other celebration. 

"Don't just aim to be a Christian girl. Aim to be a woman of God."

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