Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BDJ Passion Series: Power Styling

Last April 27, I attended BDJ Passion Series: Power Styling at  Alabang Town Center. Woo! It was too far from Rizal. Hahaha. I traveled ALONE going there. Yay for me! I used to travel or go to far places already. 

Our pretty host, Kat Dy.

To start the event, we had this game in which we need to complete Serenitea's tagline using the words under our chairs.The bellas were so competitive. :>

Why Should We Accessorize by Happy Lopez

We should accessorize because... 

Know the rules to be a fashion leader with Sassa Jimemez. Smile + Energy + Laughs + everything = FUN Talk! I enjoyed listening to her. I believe other bellas enjoyed her talk also. We were so alive that time. Why?? :> Hahahaha!

Ms Leya Castillo discussed the different brands under Bauhaus namely Tough, Salad, Desigual, Twisted Mind, 80/20 and Cheap Monday.
Name your style! They can give it to you right away!

*grabbed from BDJ
What's inside the loot bag?

As always, this event was so fabulous. I really had fun talking about girly stuffs! ;)
Worth it and pagod!
See you soon on the next event, Bellas. :)

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I am so sorry for not having my outfit photos. I am alone that time. I'm so shy to ask someone to take my outfit photos. Hihihi. I'll bawi next time!
Love love love.


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