Monday, May 13, 2013


I remembered my Film professor talking about monochromatic palette. I came up with this look because..  Hahahaha! This is not really my style. I used to wear colorful clothes, etc.. But here.. :)

I just so love this shot. Hihihi.. Ang drama lang masyado. Emote emote din pag may time. =))

Hohohoho. Just kidding. 

Penshoppe, F21, gifts (accessories) | Goody ponytail (ALWAYS READY!)

Top and Skater skirt from bazaar | Genevieve Gozum belt

The Little Thing She Needs flats

Sorry for being so random in this post. Hihihihi. I am still so overwhelmed of what happened yesterday. Are you curious about it? Don't worry. I'll have a separate post about it.

Always be joyful.
You will find that joy in God alone. :)

Spread love!

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