Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BDJ Rendezvouz: Street Chic

Last May 25, Belle de Jour held their second BDJ Rendezvouz entitled Street Chic at The Ramp Crossings in Shangri-La Plaza. 

How was the event? FABULOUS as always. I was just disappointed because I did not get a front row seat. Hahaha! Bellas are too punctual. I arrived there before 1pm, 12:45 to be exact and the seats were almost full. What can you say? Awesome, right?

Karen Bordadror of RX 93.1 as our host

Lissa Kahayon talked about Urban Fashion is On. I really enjoyed her talk. Hahaha! Why? I dunno. I think it's because she also told us about blogging!!!!

Of course! Games.. Hahaha. Bellas are always competitive. Everyone wants to join every single game! I remembered Karen who got almost crazy with the competitiveness of the bellas. No shy type ba. Anyway, she's sanay with BDJ events na naman. :)

Patok na Food Trip

Hi there Mr. Pickiest Eater, Mr. Richie Zamora (food blogger)
Huhuhu. I got hungry with this talk like super!!! The "best" pig out spots? Who would not listen to this? PLUS the pictures. 

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches Inc. inspired us about Rags2Riches street to success story! If ever I would have a business, I would love to have the same advocacy as them. Go visit their stores! If you'll know how they came up with their products, all you can say would be "WOAH".

Ms. Cara del Rosario gave a short talk about Subic Grand Seas. Ohh I want to go there soonest! :( Who wanna go with me? Hahaha!

Ms. Mary Grace Ong of Blackbeauty also gave a short talk about their products.

With Ms. Jelly of BDJ

With Karen Bordador

With my fellow bellas. I feel like a baby bella! Huhuhu. Actually, they call me that! Funny. What's more funny is like we would say hi hello to each other without knowing each others' names. We usually see each other at events like this so we got to talk with each other na din. Eh there are times that they would ask my age. They are on their 20s/30s but still I enjoy their companies. 

* grabbed from BDJ

What's inside the loot bag?

No outfit photos but this. Hihihi. I needed to attend an event right after this one. They said that wear something that best describes your personality. You judge. Anyway, I don't have time to think of my outfit. I had a very hectic sched that day!

How are you, bellas?

Step out of your comfort zone and celebrate life out in the streets.

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