Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Queen Turned 18

Teden! :)
Here's my second photo diary of what have happened on my birthday. I've been talking about this on my two posts already.(See first photo diary here) This isn't the exact day of my birthday. This is actually a post (surprise) birthday celebration. 

Outfit post here

Originally, Ima, Noreen and I planned for an all-day bonding. Only the three of us. Well. There are no plans except for that. Come on! It is so hard to think of where to go and what to do!!! I know you're feelin' me too, right? There are times that you just want to bond with your girl friends but you are too lazy to plan.

Ima and Noreen are two of my closest girl friends. (Just a backgrorund)

10 am - Meet Ima in Tikling
Went to Megamall to wait for Noreen.  We chose to have frap at SB thank to walk walk walk. I've told you, we were so lazy that time. 

Dendendenden! Jarev came!!!!! WHY!!!! Hahaha. (It's part of their plan)

Jarev is Ima's.. :) He's also one of my guy best friends. Ehem.

Going back.. Jarev wants to bring us to beautiful places DAW, that's why he's there. Okay fine. Hahaha! That isn't a big deal for me. Ima's with us, right? :)) Anyway, we (or I)  liked it naman. Less hassle and all. No need to commute! Hahahaha!

Next stop: Ayala
That's one on the "beautiful" place Jarev was talking about. It's Ima's fave place (I bet). Hihihi. We just walked around for a while then ate lunch! Wooooo. 

We ate lunch at Yoshinoya. Sorry for not having food photos. We were just so hungry that we ate the food right away! Oops. :>

L-R: Ima, me and Noreen

Next stop: Taguig (one of my fave places!!!)

Hi there, Jarev! Hahaha. I asked him to pose then I'll do it after. He didn't granted my request. :(

Booksssss! Just went to Fully Booked. SALE. Huhuhu.

Surprised post birthday celebration at Pancake House (Katipunan)
I was a bit surprised seeing some of my closest high school friends there. I thought we'll just have dinner or something. Well. I got that feeling that there's something that will happen. Why will we have dinner in Katipunan???? Hahahaha! Oh come on! That's our tambayan (with hs friends)
Me:(pagpasok ng Pancake house) Bakit kayo andito? =))

With Mike

With Pau and Faith


Hi Raye! :) 

With my sweetest high school friends. They originally planned to give me a debut party. Hahaha. I really want that "daw" kasi. Before. :)
What happened was like a mini debut. I got that huge tarpaulin, avp.. Uhmm.. And many more! 
After we had dinner, we wanted to have dessert. Of course! Hahaha. Since Pau is already driving, yoohoo. 

Had our dessert at Icebergs (Eastwood)

Faith and I.

Boo rain! :( Actually, we were on our way back to the parking so thank God pa din!

*Some photos are grabbed from Ima and Pau

I am really grateful for this life. Thank God for my family, friends from church, RiSci and UA&P, blogger friends, TLW fam and from everywhere.
Thank you for everything! I love you all so much! Another year. Stay there, okay? :)

Spread love. God loves you so much!

Love. Love. Love.
The Queen <3

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  1. Belated happy birthday, Alex! :) Talagang celebration en grande!

    1. Thank you! Hahaha. Hindi naman celebration en grande, tamang celeb lang. :)


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