Thursday, July 4, 2013

BDJ Rendezvouz: Work Your Way to the Top

Hello bellas or should I say my lovely readers? :) Hahaha! I still have the hangover of BDJ's event, BDJ Rendezvouz: Work Your Way to the Top! It happened last Saturday at SM North Edsa. This is the third BDJ Rendezvouz for 2013 and I am proud to say that I am ALWAYS present! Oh diba? Mapasouth or north man yan, PRESENT! :) 

If you want to know what happened dun sa first and second BDJ Rendezvouz.. Click here and here

Hi Ms. Dar! :)

I arrived there late. No. I mean, mga 1:05pm and the seats were ALMOST FULL already! Grabe. I had a little chitchat with Ms. Jelly of BDJ and she said na 11am pa lang may mga nakapila na sa registration knowing na 12:30 pa naman magstart yung registration! Hashtag EARLY BIRDS! Bellas are bellas. Hahaha! Like what I said on my last post about BDJ Rendezvouz, it always starts on time so when I arrived, the program was starting na!
You might want to ask me.. "Eh bakit ang late mo dumating?"
Here's my "excuse". Hahahaha! I was really thinking if tutuloy ako. It was raining and I was so puyaaat! (Fact: I don't like it when it's raining when I leave the house. Minsan nga papaalis na ko tas uulan? Oh no! Di na ko tutuloy.) I don't know, something whispered na I should go! I'll miss so much fun pag di ako tumuloy. I told Ms. Jelly nga yun then she said to me na woth it naman! Agree bellas? :>

Ms. Tracy Abad of Mellow 94.7, host

Stay on the Beat with Donna Miranda

Express and Impress with PJ Lanot (Awesome speaker)

I super duper enjoyed and learned a lot from his talk! I am hoping that I would meet and listen to his talks again. My fave talk for this BDJ Rendezvouz.

You will notice how much I enjoyed his talk! Ang dami niyang picture dito(hindi ko pa nilahat ha). You won't be bored while listening to him! :)

Work in Style with Sidney Yap

I love talks about fashion, dressing up, etc. I really do! The must haves in your wardrobe blablabla. Let's talk about fashion ba. I don't know if it's just me or it's me being a girl! Hahaha. 

Stress Proof your Skin talk

Ms. Jarelle Pascual of Too Cool For School

I was so glad to see her. We were schoolmates when we were in high school. Seeing RiScians on such events? Happy me! Hahaha. Hi Ate Jarelle! 

 She talked about Too Cool for School and its products. They also gave us some product samples. 

Go! Visit their stores now! Also, like Too Cool For School on Facebook. :)

With Ate Jarelle

Raffle prizes

*grabbed from Helen

With my BDJ friends, Chona, me, Mau and Helen

With Dorothy

With Alyssa (Nice seeing you again! Finally!)

Loot bags!

I really love attending BDJ events not because of the prizes but because of the things that I learn from those. Also, I got new friendssss! Who wouldn't love that? :)

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How about you? Do you love interacting with different people and learning? 
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  1. Hey Zandy!

    Saw your post just now! I'm gonna bookmark your blog na nga. Haha. Anyway, nice post you have here -- you did a good job in documenting everything that happened! :)

    It was very nice meeting you btw! :)



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