Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love at First Sight

Time flies so fast!!!!!!! It's flying like a rocket ship. It's already the last day of July 2013. Hello August! Please please pleeeaaaassseee be good! I was thinking of the stuffs I have done this month and I was like "Uhhhhhh!?". I know there's something but I still can't recall now. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I want to share with you my new found love. Hihihihi. I don't believe at "Love at first sight" until I found... Haaaaayyyyy. :) 

Mom's necklace and bracelet | Lace top from my aunt (same here)

Genevieve Gozum belt | Penshoppe pants

This is one of my favorite shoes! It adds 4 or 5 inches height to me.  My friends say that I look so tall when I'm wearing this pair of heels. (of course) I love wearing them because I feel so confident! (I dont know why!!!!) Hahaha. Do you feel that too? That's not the real reason actually. This pumps are so comfy to wear although they look they're not. Trust me. 

People are people pumps

This pastel colored jeans is my new found love! If I am going to choose between pastels or neons, I would definitely choose neon colored stuffs because I thought pastels are too boring but I'm wrong. When I saw this pair of pants at Penshoppe, I bought it right away! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. (Zandy is making an excuse. She always says that when she sees clothes.) The other side of me contradicts me again. Huhuhu. 

I paired it with my lace top to have that very feminine look. Lace + pastel colored pants + pumps = ?
I feel very girly that day even though I am not wearing dress or skirt.  What do you think? 

Speaking of being girly, follow @sistersecretsph on Twitter. They will be coming up with super adorable and most affordable deals for girls soon! :)

What I really do in front of the camera?
Goodbye July! Hello August! :)

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  1. This is the best outfit I've seen in here so far. This styling is exactly what I like :D

  2. heels definitely boosts my confidence as it makes me look and feel tall :D
    cute color of the pants!

    Thirdbite | style blog

    1. *Apir* Verna! :) Thank you!!! I super duper love that pants too! You might see it a couple of times here on my blog! Hahaha.

  3. i love the pastel colored pants <3
    Maybe you want to join my giveaway Have a check and win awesome clothes. :)

    .never settle for less.


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