Friday, July 26, 2013

Matching Colors

Hello everyone! Huhuhu. I missed this. I missed blogging. I missed you! :( Sorry for not updating my blog regularly. I've been so busy lately. Hmm.. I'll share with you what keeps me busy soon. Hihihihi. I am enjoying this life even more!
Teden! Here's an outfit post for you. Enjoy! :)

I am planning of changing my hair color. What do you think?

Nafnaf sandals

Swatch watch 

Folded and Hung top | Custom made skirt

My mom said this outfit looks like a dress. Do you agree? I really love matching top and skirt with the same color. It makes my outfit look like a dress. Yes? I was so lazy that day but I want to dress up. Basta ganun yung feeling. So... I wore this super comfy sandals from Nafnaf instead of heels.

Do you like this outfit? :)
I'll make bawi na talaga! No more backlogs (crossfingers)

Spread love!

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