Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Meg 15th Anniversary Party

Meg magazine held its 15th Anniversary celebration at Republiq Superclub last June 25. Here's the post that I'm talking about on my last post. It was a night full of fun, excitement and kaba. Wanna know why? :>

Hi Kuya James and Ate Pearl! :)

Upon entering, I was handed this . BUT before I was allowed to enter Republiq, they made me kaba for a while. HUHUHU! The guards there were looking for an ID and I left mine at home!!!! My wallet's not with me so I don't have any proof that I am 18 already! (Honestly, I was happy din. Why? I was asked for my age for the first time!!!!)

Going baaack, it's a mini flag. I don't know what you call this. What's this about? Hmm. I got an email from Kimm of I am Meg Season 2 telling me that I am part of the Top 100 for the I am Meg Style Ambassador Season 2( Click)! Good thing I was part of it! I don't need an ID (I need pa din pala). :)
Lesson learned: Always bring your ID!

Photowall. Meg's covers from the oldest to the latest  magazine.

Elyz (You'll be seeing her on TV! She's part of the Top 16! :) )

Hi there big sissy!

G Force dancers opened the program with their very energetic (WOW) moves!

Meg Style Ambassador Julz Savard hosted the night! :)

Gorgeous Bianca Gonzales, Meg Magazine's editor-at-large, welcomed the guests.

Collection endorsers: Laureen Uy (OH MYYYY!!!!) and Camille Co

Some of the 30 under 30

I am Meg Style Ambassador Season 2 Top 16

I will be having a separate post for my outfit. :)

Happy 15th Anniversary Meg!
I had fun! It was a blast!

Spread love.

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