Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Than Just Friends

Last June 25, my big sister (Ate Pearl) and I attended Meg 15th Anniversary. I'll be having a separate post about that! :) I'll be talking about someone who's very important to me for this post! Haha. :)

Fact: I have two brothers namely Ian and Jed. Yes! I'm the unica hija of our family but I'm the eldest so I am not kawawa pa din. You know.. Perks of being the ONLY DAUGHTER and the ELDEST. (I'm hoping that my brothers won't be reading this post. Hihihi!)

I want you to meet my sister! Uhh.. Not really biological sister! My non biological sister! Ate Pearl Joy! Ayieee. Actually, I don't have any biological sister but I have a lot of girl friends that I consider as my sis. 

This lady has been my friend since childhood but we're not that close before because she's older than me. We have different set of friends at church. Syempre pag bata pa, you'll choose to play with kids na kasing age mo lang para di ka mabully! Hahaha! Pero we both joined those special numbers, plays, etc. at church kaya kilala na namin isa't-isa. Active kids kaya kami neto! Eventually, her friends and my friends became friends na din! Sila yung mga ates namin. :)) (Hashtag childhood memories)

Until I reached my padalaga effect stage. Yakk! Hahaha! Preteen stage. :)
My closest friends in church migrated in Canada na so ako? Hahaha!  I don't know kung paano talaga kami naging close. I just remembered those times that we always text each other. Textmate ang peg . Then she'll always ask me na magdate kami! We love spending quality time together! Dahil gala siya, sinasama ako. My parents would allow me naman.

Then poofff! To make the long story short, we became sisters! Hahaha. Whaaatt? We have almost the same interest, talents(taray! Pero bongga talaga 'to sa singing!) heart for kids, etc.. We became closer and closer! We talk about everything under the sun! We are more than just friends. We treat each other as sisters.We are sisters! 

(I just remembered the times na kaming dalawa lang nakakaintindi sa kabaliwan namin. As in! Or kaya sa pagdress up blabla.. Hahaha! People might not understand the super girly things we love.. Wapakels! Kidding!)

There may be times that we don't have time for each other. There may be times that we forget about each other(Busy kasi). There may be times that we have our tampuhan moments. I want you to know that you'll always be in my heart, big sissy!

I am grateful for your life. You are a blessing! If I would wish for a sister, I'll wish that it would be like you! 

Another fact: She's one of the reasons why I started this blog. :)
Visit her blog, Exquisite.

Do you have anyone that you treat like your own brother or sister too? :)

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xx, Zandy


  1. nakakainiiiiiiissss!!!aaaaahhh!! di ko alam sasbaihin ko! i love you.thats it!


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