Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not That Organized

Since it is the second half of the year already, I want to share with you something that I've been using for the first half of 2013. My planners. Yes PLANNERS. Hahaha! I don't know why I have 5 planners and they are so outdated already. :(

I am not that super organized girl na scheduled lahat? Nakalista lahat? I still love biglaan lakads, ganaps, events, etc.. Actually, I am still wondering why I had 5 planners for 2013. Kinda weird, yes? Hehehe. I'm gonna show you my planners!

UA&P planners
Cool? They're so light and handy. The dark one is for June 2012- June 2013 and the other one is for June 2013- June 2014. Campus planners! :) I got the white one recently so I haven't used it yet. I write my to do's (in school) here. 

 Belle de Jour planners
 I have two. Hahaha. I haven't used the other one. (Kinuha ko lang yung coupons inside) You might be asking why I have 2. As far as I remember, I got the other one from BDJ, I won a contest and ayun na.. 
I use my BDJ planner for taking down notes, minutes of the meeting, BDJ events and the likes! Girly girl stuffs. :> I recommend BDJ planners for girls but not this kind. This is a bit heavy and bulky but it's still recommended! Next time I will show you what's inside! There are cute features inside. (for girls talaga) :)

Starbucks planner
Originally, this is my planner for 2013. When I saw it last December, I said that I want it! I really want it! Why? Because.. It's green. Shallow reason. It's my favorite color kasi.
I use this one for everything! Kidding. I write anything under the sun here. 

Tedeeeen! Here are my planners.
I am being so makakalimutin these past few weeks so I decided to write down everything again. I think a lot kasi kaya mej ganyan nangyayari. I wrote down my plans, bucketlist, etc.. I need to know what I have accomplished already (and syempre yung mga gagawin ko pa). :)

What are your plans for the second half of 2013? 
Time flies so fast! Hayyy. Hahaha. Drama lang ng peg.

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    1. I tried using my mind as planner kaso.. ANG HIRAP. =))

  2. I am also disorganized with my schedules but I manage to survive. I also have the yearly starbucks planner.


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