Thursday, August 8, 2013

Level Up! Live 2013

I was browsing my files last night when I found a lot of pictures during the events I attended a month ago. My questions were answered too! I keep on asking myself what kept me so busy? Hahaha! Better late than never posts, right? :)

(The event I'm going to show you on this post isn't fashion/beauty related. Weird? Nuh-uhhhh. Hahahaha! It's so cool like yeaaaah! Hahaha. I experienced the online gaming world myself!!!!  )

Last July 6, I attended Level Up! Live 2013 at World Trade Center. I arrived there 4pm because I got home super late the night before that day. I also took bus going there. Grrrr! Wrong decision. Anyhoo... Enjoy reading!

There were a lot of people outside WTC. (A lot talaga) As in entering the place pa lang and the lines were long PLUS  the mahigpit guards na titingnan yung bag mo, NO SHARP OBJECTS including ballpen. Yes. I was wearing one of my fave necklace pa naman (the one I'm wearing here) na muntikan ko na isurrender. NOOOOO! :( Hahaha. I immediately hid that necklace in by wallet and looked for the VIP entrance. Woo! Thank God! :)

Karen Bordador, host
She's not a teacher for that day! She's a referee. Referee K! :)

I was on time for the cosplay thing! I've never imagined myself enjoying watching cosplay before. It's fun pala!

Look at this kiddo! Grabe!!!!! She's so cute. Astig.

I want to dye my hair blue. What do you think?

Saw this crown while I'm at the backstage. I was very curious what is this for. 

There was this pageant pala, Miss Level Up. Morning siya nangyari so di ko naabutan.

Look at Karen's shoes! I want something like that. Wedge sneakers! Cutie. Where can I buy something like that? Comment below. Please? :)

Hashtag selfie

The players were not just playing for fun.(Part yun) There are prizes awaiting them. I was so amazed na may fans talaga sila. There are people cheering for them. Online gaming world! 

Because we're bored.. (hahaha) I mean we wanna explore what are the stuffs inside WTC pa. We found this! We tried playing. Poor me, hindi ko talaga nagets yung game pero si Karen, nagets niya plus nag-enjoy siya. Boo Zandy!

Arci Munoz performed before the awarding.

Congratulations! :)

I enjoyed this event. Hello Online Gaming World! :)

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  1. I love the Erza, Zoid and Gundam suit... they Rock!

    1. I don't know any of them. Hihihihi. But I think they rock! (sabi mo e. :) )

  2. This is such fun event especially those who are fan of the characters.

    1. I am not a fan but I enjoyed the event! :)


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