Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Surprise

Hello everyone! I wore this outfit at Arnie's Meet&Greet last Saturday. :) It was a gloomy day for me! (I don't know why HAHAHA) No.. I was just too lazy move yet so excited to go there. If there's only a super power like teleport, I would love to have that! Oh the kid stuff within me again. I didn't have a time to think of what-to-wear because I AM TOO LAZY nga!! Okay?  Here's the result! Hope you'll like this. :)

Wore my pink pants from Seventeen. I love how it gives life to my outfit. It's neon kasi! ;)

Grabbed from You-Nique

Anagon cat ears |Top from bazaar | Seventeen pink pants | Genevieve Gozum belt | Cardam's shoes | Romwe shades

Tadaaaaaaan! My top isn't just a shirt. There's a cut out at the back. It's small lang naman. I was confused if I'm going to buy this because I am not a fan of cutouts. I love the aztec prints lang talaga, eh eto lang yung available. So there.. Not too low, not too wide - I still loved it! ;) 

What do you think of my outfit? 
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