Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saturday Afternoon With Arnie

Before I started blogging, I have my favorite bloggers na talaga. I always read their blog (as in everyday). Aside from my super duper favorite Laureen Uy of Break My Style, I also have one fave blogger na andun sa isa pang circle of bloggers. Kumbaga, blogger besties nila Laureen, yung isa naman "blogkada" nila. If you read fashion blogs, you'll understand. Local bloggers ha. Hahaha! That fashion blogger I am talking about is Arnie Villanueva. I am not exaggerating things. She's really one of my faves, dati pa. :)

Last Saturday, Arnie celebrated the 2nd anniversary of her blog, Raid my Closet, with us! It was a tawanan- baliwan-kwentuhan-filled afternoon. 

It was held at Tea101, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Oh fine! I know what you're thinking. Zandy the Explorer na naman ang peg. Hihi. I really had a hard time searching for this place on Google! Hindi lang 'to yung basta type mo Tea101 then enter! Well.. I got there safely and ON TIME so everything's fine!

Banderitas made by Arnie. A for effort! :)

My pick: Wintermelon 

DonCha Pastries

I tried the Red Velvet cupcake! It was so delicious but I like the Oreo Cheesecake better. I want more!

We talked about super random things na as in super random! Maisipan lang itanong, sasagutin na ng lahat. Oh diba? Bongga! :) Pero super sayang talaga ayaw kasi kumanta ni Arnie. *insert sad face* Haha.

Twins ba itey? Papa Joed and Arnie! They're so cute, indeed! 

We played Pinoy Henyo. The one and only game. We chose to have kwentuhan kasi. Super bitin pa nga yun e. :(

Hello The Traveling Boots, Kelly! 

Anagon Cat Ears Babies

If you read Arnie's blog, her personality really reflects there. She's more awesome in person. :) Ang gaan agad ng loob ko sa kanya. As in pagka "Hello. I'm Arnie!" pa lang niya when I entered Tea101. 

Grabbed from Arnie

Inside the loot bag
Cesa turban, M.A.Y. fashion iPhone case, Anagon necklace, iWhite Korea products, Pinkbox pony,Tea101 pen, Lolita cologne

Happy 2nd anniversary, Raid My Closet! :)
Thank you Arnie! You are such a nice and pretty lady! I am hoping to meet you again soon.
Keep inspiring people! Spread POSITIVITY! <3

The Queen Says It All will be turning 1, 5 months from now. Hihihi. :>

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