Thursday, September 19, 2013

BDJ Rendezvouz: From Fears to Fierce

Last August 17, I attended the last BDJ Rendezvouz for 2013. I realized that it's already midSeptember! (This post is a month late. Hahaha!) Woah!!! It was like yesterday when I first attended BDJ Rendezvouz. Oh enough of reminiscing, Z..

Once upon a time, it was a rainy Saturday. It was the Saturday before typhoon Maring enjoyed its one-week stay in the Philippines so imagine na lang how rainy that day was. Again.. I was too hesitant to go because of the rain! Hahaha.

BUT.. I went. "Last na eh!"

It was held in Eastwood Mall.

Tracy Abad of Mellow 94.7,again, hosted the last BDJ Rendezvouz.

Hello early birds! Amazing girls huh. Mga what time kaya sila dumating? I arrived early din e.

First game

Alexandra Lapa of Reluctant Stylista talked about fashion experimentation.

Next is Prime Sarmiento who told us about travelling alone. Grabe! After that talk, I want to travel right away. Since Christmas is coming, can someone give me plane tickets going to Palawan, Bohol or Boracay? Hihihi. Thankie thanks!

As usual, raffle!!! :)

Erica Paredes of BDJ Box talked about getting fit.

After her talk, I realized a lot of things. Hahaha. Healthy living all the way! Exercise. Woo! Let's do this. I still have the hangover from her talk. Tried boxing already but I am looking for something na mas maeenjoy ko pa. I miss playing Floorball. :(

RJ palacios showed us how to do make up using Benefit products.

What are we doing there?

We are playing a game! Hahaha. This was the most tiring game I had joined on BDJ events. Like super! After ng game, hinihingal pa din kami. I forgot what's the name of the game but it REALLY tests our flexibility.

Smile smile pag may time!

Bungisngis bata. Hmm.. I should have a special award no? Smiling face award. Say whuuut! You can see how much I enjoyed the game.

Congrats to us! We won! 

Thanks Mommy Joey for the pictures! <3

With Mau

With the bellas


There will be a Beauty Social on the 29th. (Details here)
See you there? ;)

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