Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogger to Segment Producer?

Another photo diary of what I'd attended last month. Oh yes.. Still working on my backlogs. I feel so inspired and motivated today so I grabbed the the time to be productive! Hohohoho.

Blogging spree for the next few days! *crossedfingers* Yes?

Hmm.. Are you familiar with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Me? Well.. UFC is more familiar to me. That's what I immediately thought when I went to an event last July at SM MOA Arena for the King of the Cage. (because I saw a cage! Hahaha. Good reasoning huh)

I was a segment producer. Hihi. Kinda. Well. Self-proclaimed or.. "Karen-proclaimed" segment producer.

Waiting for the event to start. Hashtag selfie

We interviewed a lot of people (celebrities, politicians, basketball players, etc..) for a TV show in the U.S.. Ms. Karen Bordador hosted the "show". We had our own "segment." It was so fun!

We witnessed live MMA fights. Imagine that! I used to watch some matches on TV only (when my dad and brothers are watching). I have no choice. Majority wins! 

Going back.. I enjoyed watching because of the people in MOA Arena. Sound effects ba.. "Woaaaahhh! Woooo! Hahahaha!" Different reactions. What I didn't like was seeing blood!!!! :( (That's why I didn't take up medical courses) That is part of the show. I mean, that's the proof that their matches are real compared to wrestling. Hihihi. 

On me: Top and skirt (same here) from bazaar, Cardam's shoes

I needed to wear something comfy because we'll walk-interview-walk-look for-walk-rest-blablabla.. I was on my girly side that time so I wore a skirt and my fave flats to match my outfit. Do you like it?

Hello Khalil! (Fan girl mode: ON)  I was so surprised when I saw him there. Hahahaha. That time, he was one of my "recent crush" and boom! Hihihihi. I always watch Annaliza because of him. Naks. :) Nice meeting you!

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  1. Hahaha. You enjoed it Tellie? Haggard ang peg mo nun e. Pretty pa din. Nakalimutan ko magpicture with you!!!!

  2. Ganda ng skirt mo! :D I know someone who teaches MMA, grabe no ang rough nila? I wouldn't want to see blood either actually, but if it's part of the job, it's part of the job! :D

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    1. Thank you, Jana! Yes. They are so rough! Hahaha. :)

  3. Hey, nice outfit! Is being a segment producer a full-time regular or freelancing part-time job? Either way, it really sounds fun especially when you get to meet stars. :)

    1. Thank you, Rochkirstin! Hmm.. As I've said, it's self-procalimed or Karen-proclaimed. Haha. :)

  4. Ang fun! It's nice to be BTS when it comes to events, you'd really learn a lot :)


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