Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Makeup by Liah

When I was still in grade school and high school, I was so trying hard when it comes to my art subjects. Pinaperfect ko na lang yung margin ng plates so I can get a high score kasi kung yung mismong art ko yung ipeperfect, I don't know. Till now, I still think of my friends who are super galing sa arts tapos sasabihin nila ang pangit ng gawa nila whatsoever. Come on!!!!

 Honestly and seriously speaking, I am not gifted with the "art" skills (drawing, painting, etc.) I wonder why both of my brothers are very good on that aspect. What happened to me? 

I don't want this post to be full of my rants. Sorry. Just want to tell you the truth. I am not complaining. I am thankful of the gifts, talents and skills I have now. (Thank You Lord) Sabi nga, di pwedeng meron ka lahat.

I may not have the "art" skills, I have my ma-art side naman! :)

When I was asked to attend a basic makeup workshop conducted by a professional makeup artist, Ms. Liah Magundayao, I definitely said yes! Who would say no? I love makeup workshops! I attended a lot already. 

In her workshop, she taught us: 
Proper Skin Care and Choosing the Right Makeup for your Skin
Introduction to Makeup Functions, Proper use and Cleaning of Makeup Tools
Facial Contouring and Highlighting
Shaping your Eyebrows according to Facial Structure
Beauty Makeup for a Day, Steps to Achievening Day Makeup
Transforming Day Makeup/Party Makeup

I have no expectations, really. I just want to learn more about grooming my eyebrows and facial contouring. As I said earlier, I attended a lot of workshops already but on those, usually, I don't pay attention because I think it isn't necessary.

First part of the workshop: She taught us about makeup tools (brushes, makeups,etc.)

Part Two: Showing us how to apply makeup
Say hi to her pretty cousin, Kirk Roxas!

She looks like Julia Baretto, right?

Ms. Liah answering our questions.

Ms. Liah's style: Primer - Serum - BB Cream - Foundation - Concealer - Contour - Eyebrow - Eyeshadow - Liquid Eyeliner - Blush - Lipstick - Mascara - Finishing Powder

*Tedeeeeeen* Yay or nay? For me, it's woah! Kirk looks like Kathryn Bernardo. (So many Kalokalike huh)

Part 3: Practicals (HAHAHAHA)
We will be the ones to apply makeup na. Yoohoooooo!

Can you believe Ms. Liah has a daughter na? She looks so young. Anyway, her daughter is so friendly. I love her! Cutie patootie kid.

Sarap sumelfie shots

One more (or three more)

Thank you Ms. Liah for teaching us! I learned a lot.

Before I show you my before and after picture (pwedeng wag na yung before?)..
Want to give my plus points and minus points for this workshop. (Ako yung student, ako pa naggrade?)

Plus Points:
We were around 7 (?) in class.
We can ask questions anytime.
Different brands of makeups were used. (local ones were also used)
There are three parts: Discussion, Demonstration, Practicals
Finally, I know how to put eye shadow and do contouring all by myself
I learned a lot!

Minus Points
It made me realize that I need A SET OF BRUSHES (Hate this :( Hahaha )
Place is a bit far from me (pero dahil Zandy the Explorer ang peg palagi, gora!)
Lack of makeup tools

Will I attend another makeup workshop conducted by Ms. Liah?
YES! :)

Did my own makeup there. Just look at my pictures and you'll see how much I've leaned in this workshop.

Again, thank you Ms. Liah! Hoping to see you on your next makeup workshop.

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  1. Yes I agree! Kirk looked a lot like Kathryn Bernardo. She can join Showtime contest next time! :)

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