Friday, September 27, 2013

Persumall Wishlist

How are you guys?
I am not feeling well for the past few days so I can't go anywhere. Because of boredom and sickness, I looked for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. online (local and international brands and stores). I was so happy of what I'd seen and discovered! A fashion store called Persunmall.

Since Christmas is coming already, I made a wishlist. I found a lot of stuffs there! Please help me choose! Please? Please? Please? *wink wink

1.) Personality Decorating Drawing Backpack (Here)

2.) Stylish Color Block Canvas Backpack (here)

3.) Candy-Color Boy Friend Blazer Without Button (Here)

4.) Neck Long Sleeve Dress (Here)

5.)  Bouffant Chiffon Furcal Skirt (here)

6.) Mod Girl Irregular Cutting Dress (Here)

7.) Flowers Baseball Jacket (here)

8.) Animal Cartoon Belted Boot (here)

9.) Colored Peep-Toe Ankle Boots (Here)

10.) Stylish Color Block Chiffon Shirt (Here)

Help me choose the best ones!
I will wait for your comments. :)

Photos from Persunmall

Spread love.


  1. That #4 Green dress is really purrttyyy!! I want one too! I've heard about Persumall from a fellow blogger too. I need to check them out again though.. hehehe!


  2. i love the irregular cut dress!!


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