Friday, September 13, 2013


Oh hello everyone! Missed my blog so much!! Missed you!! 

Last Saturday, my laptop charger crashed. Grrrr! Because of that, I've been using my phone to check my e-mail, blog, Facebook and Twitter for the past days. It was so hard ha! Backlogs again.. On the other hand, I still feel blessed of what happened because I had a long quality time thinking and praying about stuffs. God's will ba. :)

This was how I looked when my charger wasn't working anymore. Emo lang ang peg.

Aburido ka te? Hahaha. Ang funny ng fes ko dito no? Love it! 

Shirt from KOTC | HangTen pants| Swatch watch

As the days passed by, mej hindi na ko nagwoworry about things na kailangan kong gawin. Look at mah hakuna matata face.

I am overusing this pair of flats! Bought it for a super affordable price. Affordable na, comfy pa!

Parisian shoes

(For my outfit) Wore this comfy outfit on a very busy day. Grabe. I am loving over-sized shirts. (This one is my Dad's pa nga, just borrowed it from him) I think I can do more stylish looks using big shirts. Yes? I'm gonna try more!

There will be times in our lives that we need to stop doing the things we used to do, just for a day maybe? It is important for us to reflect and seek God more. Am I still doing the right things? Am I still walking on the right path? Where am I now? Am I happy with my life? Better Zandy na kaya ako ngayon?

Those are just some questions that I asked myself. Ang layo na ng narating ko. Nasira lang yung laptop charger, ganun agad? Well, I used my time to pray, read, "me time" for short.

Now, I am ready to face my the world again! (Oh no.. BACKLOGS!!!!) Hahaha. No worries. *wink *wink

Be the best version of yourself! *cliche*
Do not compare yourself with other people. Different individuals kaya tayo.
Sabi nga sa shirt ko, RSPCT

RESPECT (other people)

Keep pushing yourself!
Keep dreaming!

Motivate! Encourage! Inspire! <3

Spread love!

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