Thursday, October 31, 2013

Room For My Stuff

Very me!!!! My Mom would always make fun of me before going outside the house because I have lots of things inside my bag. Seriously. She would always tell me, "Kulang na lang, bitbit mo na buong bahay." I always have lots of stuff in my bag. That's also the reason why I love big bags. One of the big no's for me is yung may maiwan kasi once na gumora na ko, tuloy-tuloy na ang rampa kaya very important for me ang quality + the design!

Good news! I found this bag brand! :)
Sac Manille

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Confidence At Its Best

"The universal must have accessory to every outfit is confidence." - Heard this from Alexander Lapa's talk

I believe smile and confidence are must haves to every outfit! (Uhh.. To every human being not just outfits) You might just be wearing shirt+jeans but you are very confident that you look so beautiful with that combo then good! (Actually, I love that combo. *wink) It doesn't about the style and the clothes you're wearing all the time, it's about how you carry yourself. 

You might be thinking why I started this post with a quote about CONFIDENCE. Well, you'll know why when you scroll down.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Half Girl Half Supergirl

Top from St. Francis mall | Mossimo black pants 

Cardam's heels

Bracelet (gift)

Wore this outfit on a lazy Sunday. Woke up late so I need to dress up quickly. My mind wasn't really working. Hahaha! I love this top. The half is pink and the other half is floral. I don't know if you also feel this. Whenever I wear anything pink, I feel like I am a little girl. Aaaannnddd.. When I wear floral, OHMY.. I feel very feminine. I can't explain what I feel. Feeling lang naman! *wink 

That pink and floral top + black pants. Stylish enough for me for a lazy day. I didn't need to wear lots of accessories.

Do you like my outfit?
Have a great week!
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Hi there everyone! *with matching taas kamay* 

Do you feel my energy? I hope so. I have lots of positivity all over my body and I cannot contain it. I feel happy. I feel inspired. I feel motivated. I feel so blessed. I have been like this for the past few weeks. Thank God for this joy. Hmm.. How about you? How are you? Please do answer me! Hahaha.. Comment below! I really want to know. 

It has been so long since I posted an outfit post. And here it is! 

H&M earrings | Share Him Love Oversized shirt | Leggings from a bazaar 

People are People shoes

*Excuse me po sa mga tao sa likod. Peace yo!

Don't mind my baby brother's hand. He loves doing that! I mean, he wants to be in front of the camera also! No! No! Ate's turn first. :)

Before I end this post, I want to share this: "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."
Grabbed from Tumblr
I think about it couple of times already and I always ask myself, will you be proud of me? Hahaha. Kinda weird.

I have just realized that it's already October. Two months to go before this year ends. I've made lots of decisions this 2013 that will surely affect my whole life, my future self. I may already say that I will be proud of what I am doing (who I am) 10 years from now. The things I have been doing are just stepping stones to my dreams! I will be there SOON! I will fulfill my dreams. Slowly but surely.

I don't know if I am the only one who gives meaning on what I wear but I really do.

Shine bright! Shine bright! SHINE BRIGHT LIKE THAT BIG DIAMOND.
Have a great weekend!
Always look on the brighter side. *wink *wink

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Kimpoy Feliciano for Mossimo

Mossimo is an American apparel brand which has been in the Philippines for 15 years. This year, Mossimo launches "Mossimo is California Cool!" a new store format with California cool ambiance that reflects a street-style combines with beach lifestyle culture which matches their latest fashion that are more hip, young and urban styles.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Want to Wear - BTS

I assisted Want to Wear's shoot last month. Want To Wear is an Instagram magazine. It is a daily outfit inspiration, your weekly source of what you WANT TO WEAR fashion... 7 days...7 ways! Sounds new, right? Awesome. We did 14 layouts for that shoot. You read it right, FOURTEEN. It wasn't a tiring shoot though. Fun!

Enjoy some of the BTS photos! :)

Photographer: Doc Allen
MUA: Mary Letim
Hair Stylist: Carein Carpio
Stylist: Krizia Go
Assistant Stylists: Chiclet Tondares and Charlene Lagamayo
Special thanks to Teej Nepomuceno and One High Street.

Here's what I wore. I forgot to ask someone to take my outfit photos but that's fine. I should wear something comfy that day because I will be moving around. Black and white combo + red shoes. You might see that leggings again and again because I am overusing it. It's so cute. Agree?

What do you think of my outfit? :)

I heard that different artists, bloggers, models, etc. will be featured there! If you want your product to be featured, you are a photographer, stylist or hmua, follow @WantToWear on Instagram. You may also message/email me.

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The Queen

P.S. I am looking for costume makers that can do outfits (Pocahontas style) for a celebrity. Also, HMUA based in Boracay or HMUA that'll be there on October 17 & 18. Please email me at or message me on Facebook, The Queen Says It All.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Books Overload

Few weeks ago, my laptop charger got broken. Guess what! I was so paralyzed because I don't have any back up copies of my files so.. I have nothing to do! Don't get me wrong. Hihi. Research, work loads, papers, posts, etc. to finish! I can't finish those stuffs without lappy baby.

Honestly, I was really praying for a time for me, coffee and a good book. Hahaha. I don't have time to have that kind of "me time" because I feel so busy. And yeah.. God really hears our prayer. Monday morning, I received a package from OMF Literature!

What's inside?

They sent me these books! Not just one but four! My heart was really jumping that time. Yes! Yes! Yes! Bookssss! Of course, I don't have a choice but to read some of my new books while waiting for my charger to be fixed.

The same week, I went to Manila International Book Fair to buy books. Yes, I still bought books.


Bought the VeggieTales book for my little brother.

Teden! I am no bookworm actually. I suddenly feel in love with books. Who wouldn't? 
I will try to finish reading these books before 2013 ends.

What are your fave books? Maybe you want to suggest something. :)

Thank you so much, OMF Literature for the book you've sent me!
Visit their bookstores!
Like them on Facebook for more information.

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The Queen

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi girls! I have an announcement for you!!!!!

I am most excited to attend all talks in the BDJ Fair 2013! Hihihi. If that's possible sana. Let me restate this..

I am most excited to attend   Unleash the Fun and Fearless You with Myrza Sison and
 An Inspiring Journey to the Crown with Venus Raj!

If you have read my Not That Organized post, you'll know how feeling OC I am when it comes to my planners. Yes. Planners! :) Well, I think it's not a good idea to have plenty of them. It's too hard to update everything so for 2014, (grabe October na!) I think I'll just have one planner. 
Hmm. Lemme think about it. I love collecting planners!!! 
Here's my plan: I might still buy/collect other planners but I'm going to super duper update just one.  Guess what planner I'm gong to use!

Belle de Jour Power Planner!

Seriously. It is not just a planner. There's something behind the planner pa. "Perks" of being a BDJ Power Planner user/bella. I love being a bella!

One of those "perks" is you got to attend events for BDJ Planner users like BDJ Rendezvouz (1, 2, 3, 4), BDJ Passion Series (1).

BDJ helped me to make a lot of things happen this 2013. What more pa kaya sa 2014?

I am having a hard time choosing among those planners! Please please please help me choose. :( I like them all. Will I get the customized planner? Hmm. 

Inviting you the BDJ Fair 2013 : #MakeitHappen on Oct 13 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall
Entrance is free, walk-ins welcome. But pre-registered girls have special perks! 

See you!

Which planner will I choose? Help me choose! :)

See you there bellas!
Spread love!

© The Queen Says It All
Maira Gall