Thursday, October 31, 2013

Room For My Stuff

Very me!!!! My Mom would always make fun of me before going outside the house because I have lots of things inside my bag. Seriously. She would always tell me, "Kulang na lang, bitbit mo na buong bahay." I always have lots of stuff in my bag. That's also the reason why I love big bags. One of the big no's for me is yung may maiwan kasi once na gumora na ko, tuloy-tuloy na ang rampa kaya very important for me ang quality + the design!

Good news! I found this bag brand! :)
Sac Manille

Sac Manille is an online shopping niche for stylish, affordable and quality bags that aims to cater to the many facets of the “everyday” girl’s personality. It offers its customers a trouble-free virtual shopping experience through easy browsing, fast delivery and outstanding customer service. 

I have the Alba bag. Isn't it so gorgeous? I'll blog about this look soon.

Look at these some other designs!

Best seller: Alyssa

Through regular restocking of trendy, budget-friendly and quality bags from reputable international brands, Sac Manille will make sure that you enjoy your shopping experience as it provides you with the bag that will surely accommodate your needs.

Visit their official website at
Like their Facebook page.
Follow @sacmanille on Instagram
They deliver and do bag viewing/soirees.
Give them a call/text at 09228431662.

What are you waiting for? Shop now!

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  1. Wow, I love the Alyssa style instantly! I'm likewise a type of person who carries lots of things in my bag and it saddens me that some bags get ruined easily. Thanks for sharing about the brand! :)

  2. I would like to see them in physical form and not only online before deciding to purchase one.

    1. They do bag viewing also. Just email/text them! :)

  3. Wow.. I love their bags.. they're all nice! I love Alyssa the most! hihihi :D

    1. Yes! They offer a lot of designs. Check their website. :)

  4. You have a huge similarity with my sister, haha! But I second Roch- I'd want to inspect the handles, zippers and stitches first before I make the purchase :)

    1. I want to see your sister! Hihihi. ;) You can inspect the bag during the bag viewing. They allow it. :)

  5. You know what we are alike kasi kulang na lang talaga dalin ko buong bahay namin kapag umaalis ako. Hindi ako kampante na meron akong maiiwan na kahit isang gamit lang kaya I really prefer using big bags.

    1. Yes! Ang hirap kasi pag may naiwan. Big bags for the win! :)


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