Friday, October 4, 2013

Books Overload

Few weeks ago, my laptop charger got broken. Guess what! I was so paralyzed because I don't have any back up copies of my files so.. I have nothing to do! Don't get me wrong. Hihi. Research, work loads, papers, posts, etc. to finish! I can't finish those stuffs without lappy baby.

Honestly, I was really praying for a time for me, coffee and a good book. Hahaha. I don't have time to have that kind of "me time" because I feel so busy. And yeah.. God really hears our prayer. Monday morning, I received a package from OMF Literature!

What's inside?

They sent me these books! Not just one but four! My heart was really jumping that time. Yes! Yes! Yes! Bookssss! Of course, I don't have a choice but to read some of my new books while waiting for my charger to be fixed.

The same week, I went to Manila International Book Fair to buy books. Yes, I still bought books.


Bought the VeggieTales book for my little brother.

Teden! I am no bookworm actually. I suddenly feel in love with books. Who wouldn't? 
I will try to finish reading these books before 2013 ends.

What are your fave books? Maybe you want to suggest something. :)

Thank you so much, OMF Literature for the book you've sent me!
Visit their bookstores!
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The Queen


  1. love to read books though I don't have spare time reading tons of reading materials in my room.

  2. Nice choice of books. Just enjoy reading. :)


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