Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Confidence At Its Best

"The universal must have accessory to every outfit is confidence." - Heard this from Alexander Lapa's talk

I believe smile and confidence are must haves to every outfit! (Uhh.. To every human being not just outfits) You might just be wearing shirt+jeans but you are very confident that you look so beautiful with that combo then good! (Actually, I love that combo. *wink) It doesn't about the style and the clothes you're wearing all the time, it's about how you carry yourself. 

You might be thinking why I started this post with a quote about CONFIDENCE. Well, you'll know why when you scroll down.

Bracelets (random finds)

The Ramp Crossings heels

Mint denim jacket | Folded & Hung palazzo pants | Genevieve Gozum belt

Yes, I am wearing a cropped top. Yes. Now, you know the reason why I talked about confidence, right? Wore this outfit on a friend's debut. I just realized that it's already her debut days before!!! Talk about lost. (face palm)

I am in love with black and white that time. I want to wear white but it's not allowed. Hahaha! I don't know also that what I bought was cropped top. I have already pictured myself wearing this outfit without knowing it's cropped. Just brought my fave denim jacket. I think the top looks good with the pants. Balanced look. :) Do you like it? 

Oplan fitness before Christmas? Can I do that? Any suggestions? 

By the way, good morning! (Good night for me)
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The Queen,

Photos by Fatima Pati 
(Thank you Owan for taking these photos! Love you to the bits. I miss you! <3)


  1. You definitely have it girl,the confidence! Thus natural beauty exudes and the way you have handled the outfit in this post, which was marvelous, btw, is just a plus factor.


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