Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hi girls! I have an announcement for you!!!!!

I am most excited to attend all talks in the BDJ Fair 2013! Hihihi. If that's possible sana. Let me restate this..

I am most excited to attend   Unleash the Fun and Fearless You with Myrza Sison and
 An Inspiring Journey to the Crown with Venus Raj!

If you have read my Not That Organized post, you'll know how feeling OC I am when it comes to my planners. Yes. Planners! :) Well, I think it's not a good idea to have plenty of them. It's too hard to update everything so for 2014, (grabe October na!) I think I'll just have one planner. 
Hmm. Lemme think about it. I love collecting planners!!! 
Here's my plan: I might still buy/collect other planners but I'm going to super duper update just one.  Guess what planner I'm gong to use!

Belle de Jour Power Planner!

Seriously. It is not just a planner. There's something behind the planner pa. "Perks" of being a BDJ Power Planner user/bella. I love being a bella!

One of those "perks" is you got to attend events for BDJ Planner users like BDJ Rendezvouz (1, 2, 3, 4), BDJ Passion Series (1).

BDJ helped me to make a lot of things happen this 2013. What more pa kaya sa 2014?

I am having a hard time choosing among those planners! Please please please help me choose. :( I like them all. Will I get the customized planner? Hmm. 

Inviting you the BDJ Fair 2013 : #MakeitHappen on Oct 13 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall
Entrance is free, walk-ins welcome. But pre-registered girls have special perks! 

See you!

Which planner will I choose? Help me choose! :)

See you there bellas!
Spread love!

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