Monday, November 18, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Primp and Prettify

Hey! Hey! Hey everyone! :) This is just a quick photodiary about what happened last September 29 at the BDJ Box Beauty Social. (Super late post again. Huhu.)

I am a certified bella! Yes!!!!! Hihihi. You might have read my posts about BDJ events already. Umulan/Umaraw, gora pa din! (alam niyo yan *wink*) This was my second time to attend BDJ Box Beauty Social (first BBBS here).

I, together with my Mom and baby brother, arrived there at 1:00pm. That's fine by the way. We were pre-registered for 3 talks. :) While waiting for the talks to start, we roamed around and checked out the booths.

Passport :)


Cover Girl

As I have mentioned, we were pre-registered for three talks but I only attended Bobby Carlos' talk. Mom wanted to go home early kasi. Mej mahirap din kasi umuwi. I am from Rizal, diba? Hahaha. Ako lang naman ang explorer.

Too Cool For School

With Ate Jarelle of Too Cool For School
We were schoolmates when we were in high school. Now.. We often meet on events like this! Love it! :)



Yves Rocher



Ralph Lauren

Say hi to my Mom! :)

With baby bro, Jed. <3

Outfit post here.

So sad. I was not able to attend the BDJ Fair because I have other commitments that same day. See you next year, bellas! 

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Love! Love! Love!


  1. girls loe events like this, just like you :)

  2. I wish I had gone, but it was too far from me. It looked like so much fun though! :)

  3. Love your pouting mom pic :-). I shows that you are like bestfriends

  4. Too Cool for School is a Korean brand, right? I have the chance to visit their store in MOA and liked their products! :)


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