Friday, November 29, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013

Last November 16, Blogapalooza was held at SMX Aura, Taguig. (Yes. Hahaha. Zandy the explorer again!) It was a fun day indeed! I never expected that I would enjoy (that MUCH) the event. I arrived there at around 1:30pm because it's a bit far from my place. :)

I won't be making a lot of kwentos about the event. Let the pictures below show you what happened. *wink wink* Enjoy!

You must try their delicious products!

Annoying face HAHA

Had my nail polish done at Lulunails.

Got my Enjoy Philippines VIP Privilege card or should I say kit Thank you! :) Will have a separate blog post about it.

This Chooks To Go game made me crazy! Hahahaha. I used to play Kinect but I don't know why this game was so hard! Wah poise!

With BNO


It was so nice meeting a lot of people that has the same love on blogging. Hihi. See you again next year, blogger friends!

Congratulations Vince Golangco, Anton Diaz and Francis Simisim for the AWESOME event!

Thank you Dale Ligon of When in Manila for the photos. :)
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  1. aside from meeting new blogger friends :) what else did you learned from Blogapalooza, how's bringing business to bloggers got proposals already? :)

  2. Glad you had fun! It was awesome! I came in late but was able to meet some new contacts :)


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