Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Flowers Everywhere

 Haloo! Good morning. :) Here's an outfit post. I woke up early today! Yey for me. I am still on the process of adjusting my body clock. I need to wake up early na kasi. *sobs*  That's for the better tho. Excitement overload. New stuffs to do! Can't wait to share it with you. Anyhoo.. I am trying to finish all my back logs so I can show you something new na ginawa ko. (aside sa gagawin ko pa lang) Hihihi.  Clue: hair. YOLO ang drama ko.

Janeo shoes

Got this from Candy fair

Mint dress

Funny how I felt like a kid wearing this outfit. I think it's because of the flowers. I don't know pala! I used to wear this kind of outfit when I was younger. (I am still young pa din naman no! Hahaha!) Childhood memories. *wink wink* What do you think? :)

Let us continue to #PrayForThePhilippines and to help our kababayans!

Have a beautiful day ahead!
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