Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Me + Gelsy Jewels Giveaway Winner

Happy happy happy Saturday! :) It's the last day of November already. 25 days before Christmas!!! Woahhhh. Then hello 2014. Hahaha! Ang random ko lang. Before I announce the winner of my Gelsy Jewels x TQSIA Giveaway, here's an outfit that I wore few weeks ago. :)

Have you ever experienced na super happy ka because of.. Wala lang. You chose to be happy, that's why you're happy. Try niyo! ;) Although may mga kastress stress na happenings, gora pa din sa pagiging positive. That's what I am feeling for the past few weeks. :) :) :)

I thank God for the blessings most especially for the optimistic people that are surrounding me. Kakatuwa lang talaga. Nakakahawa. #randomthoughts Mej napapadalas kasi ang me time ko. Odiba? Kaya narirealize ko ang mga bagay-bagay. 

I don't know why I keep on emphasizing that 2013 is about to end, time flies, bla bla blaaa. Looking back? A LOT OF THINGS happened but I have no regrets lalo na sa mga decisions ko. It helped me to be a better person and widen my horizon. Haha. I have never imagined myself to be this happy and grateful despite sa mga happenings this 2013. :)

Mint denim jacket | Folded&Hung pants

Jellybean platform shoes

Kikayforeverph cat-eye shades
They have lots of gorgeous shades! Follow @kikayforeverph on Instagram ;)

Bag from Sac Manille
Have you seen my post about Sac Manille? :) Read read read.

I hope you like my outfit and my drama realizations. :)
(Nakailang happy ako sa blog post na itey? Hehehe. Peace!)

The winner for my Gelsy Jewels x TQSIA Giveaway is....
*drum roll*

Congratulations Ana Monica Ayungao! You get 1 Laureen Jewelry Box from Gelsy Jewels! Will message you in a bit. :)

Have a fabulous weekend. 
Smile smile smile! 
Spread love!
The Queen,

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