Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Crown

Wore this outfit few weeks ago on a kid's birthday party.I went straight there from an event so I need to wear a comfy outfit. Fashionista commuter ang peg nitey! It's been so long since I wanted to try a girly outfit + rubber shoes. Yay or nay? Been so addicted to pink and black. WHY PINK! :)) I don't hate pink though. It is just that.. It's too girly? I can't explain but I love it!

Accessories (random finds)

Nike shoes
(Dad's shoes. Hehehehehe. Peace! *wink*)

Top from AB Studio | Skirt from Bazaar | Little Crown (Souvenir)

Anyhoo.. Let's don't forget to help! Every time I watch the news, my heart breaks. Haaayy. As in. :( Here's an updated list kung saan tayo pwede makatulong. There are lots of ways to help so let's gooooo! Walang maliit at malaki, pag pinagsama-sama, may maggagawa! Also, #PrayForThePhilippines. God is with us!

Spread love. <3
Let's help our fellow Filipinos.


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  1. For us, our relatives don't want anyone to wear black in a birthday party because it's seen as something unfortunate.

  2. pretty! you loook so adorable! <3 I love the look here :D


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