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New Discovery: Doc Kellyn Sy's Products

Few months ago, I experienced skin break out sa face area. I had pimplessss  lalo na sa forehead. Ugh. :| :( Honestly, I super duper hate that! I meet and talk to a lot of people (almost) everyday and it's a must that I look good or else.. Lagot ako kay boss. Just kidding. I am so lazy pa naman to put my make up on and to conceal everything when I'm going out. Eyebrow, lippies, mascara and skin care, gora na!

Aside from my monthly facial at Ysa Galleria/Metroeast or my derma, I also use some of their products for skin care and para maayos na lahat. There are improvements but not that fast. Thank God I met Doc K... :)

Dr. Kellyn Conde Sy popularly known as Doc K is an Alchemist of Beauty. Her path towards medicine started at the University of the Philippines where she was part a part of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology undergraduate program. She graduated with honors and went to pursue her medical degree at the UP College of Medicine. She has had extensive training in areas of cosmetics and aesthetics in the Philippines as well as abroad. In the states, she furthered her training at the Rayner Institute of Aesthetic Medicine.

Collaskin: This is for skin rejuvenation and radiance.

I don't put this on my whole face, sa may eye area lang. Doc Kellyn said that this would lighten my baggage (eyebags) after two weeks. It's a bit effective to me, (lazy lang talaga maglagay minsan). ALSO, Mom loves this! Parang foundation lang yung finish after mo ilagay. 

Powder soap: So lucky to try this product before this was launched last month. It's good! After you use this on your face, you'll look like you used powder BUT it looks very natural. I like its smell also. Hahaha. #medyomagulo

Acne Zapper Gel: I use this for pimples and acne prone areas. It prevents and heals at the same time. :)

Save the best for last.. Deoxy Whitening Complex. This is my ultimate favorite! From the name itself, it whitens. I don't aim to whiten my whole face, I just want to lighten those dark spots because of my pimples. Guess what? It worked!!! Mga three times ko pa lang siya nagagamit pero naglighten talaga and my uneven skintone (parang may mga tuldok na white sa forehead), all good na!

Do you see mah pimples?

And now! No edit and no makeup except for my eyebrows. *wink*

Doc K has a deep knowledge of molecular biology and biotechnology techniques, particularly stem cell and peptide technology. Her expertise in this area has set her treatments apart from other treatments available in the country. Her approach to treatment is based on a nanotechnology  level involving corrections and modifications at a cellular, metabolic and molecular level. Basically she is treating you from deep within and not just on the surface - this means you get results that are sustainable definitive and long lasting.

Thank you so much, Dr. Kellyn Sy for these products! I can't wait to try your services. :)

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Clinics are located at Greenhills and Binondo + affliated with Biocare.

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  1. I've never heard of the brand before but this product sure works wonderfully on you! :) Great and nice!


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