Sunday, November 24, 2013


Jumper (random find)

JiGS Apparel Obedience shirt

You may buy it online just for Php250. Message Joy In God's Salvation on Facebook or email me. There are other designs available! :)

Shades from Kikayforeverph | W.W.J.D. Bracelet (from a friend)

Keds shoes

I am in love with this pair of sneakers. You will see this dozens of times here. I want to collect all colors like seriously! I would be the happiest kid on earth! Hahahaha.

When I was a kid, I don't like wearing jumpers but my Mom insists that it is so cute so no choice... Obey Mom. :P

I keep on wearing and matching this jumper with other clothes. (Do not be surprised if you see this on my blog again.) I totally love it! It's never too late to love things that you don't liked before, right? Like this outfit! Really felt like a kiddo for the whole day.

How about you? Do you have "things" that you did not like before, but now you love?

Happy Sunday!
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  1. This is so cuuuteee... I love your dungaree!! looks perf on you! <3

  2. Oh you're so cute in this look, love your jumper, you're sexy and hot wearing sockless keds, it's awesome I'm about to explode! Pretty nice, keep posting darling!!


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