Friday, November 29, 2013

Revlon Mobile Salon

The Revlon Roaming Limousine is an On-Ground awareness, trial, sampling and selling platform, which aims to engage customer(s) with a personal touch. The activity will be engaged in a promo to which a prospected customer, upon purchase of Revlon products, will get a chance to experience the Revlon Limo makeover. The activity will be deployed at strategic areas at high foot traffic (Business Hubs, Universities and Colleges, etc.) to allow wider market visibility

I experienced it myself. You know how much I love makeups, right? Hihi.

Upon entering the limousine, I was amazed! It was turned into a salon. Super duper cute right? The mobile salon was full that time but that's fine. I got the chance to meet other girls. :)

Guess what Revlon's first product is? NAIL POLISH! :) Brilliant strength is one of their new "innovation" for  their nail polish! No need to put base and top coat na! So excited to try this. 

Are you excited for my makeover? Hihihi. Here it is!!! :)

I don't have any before pictures. Sorry. 

I hope this will pass as a "before" photo. *laughs*

Revlon Cosmetics has been in the forefront of beauty products since the 1930's. With Revlon's continuous innovation and revitalized efforts, it has grown a large number of worldwide markets that attributes to the companies success and maintaining leadership in the industry.

I look like a very mean girl here. Agree? Kontrabida ang peg. Hahaha. Big curls + popping lip color (IDK what you call it but I think they choose lip colors that are dark?). FYI. I don't tell them what I want. Why? I want to see what kind of hair style and make up fit me and I have just noticed that they are doing the same style! Woah. :)

Look at my make up here:

3.) My best friend's debut

I asked the make up artist to change my lip color because I have another event to attend to right after this makeover. Queen na queen ang peg ko pag rampa ko sa roads if I had the same lip color, right? Hahaha!

Do you love my look? :)
Thank you Revlon Philippines for the makeover and for having me. :)

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Love love love!

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