Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Easy Breezy

Hello! Hello! Heeeellllloooooooo! Woo! I am so excited to blog. I had a long hiatus. Super long hiatus. Hahaha. I have been SUPER busy lang talaga. Okay.. Ilista niyo kung makakailang SUPER ako sa blog post na 'to. :P

I am doing a lot of things right now. A LOT. Hahaha. Pero di naman nakakabore because I am doing different things. Hihihi. I don't know.. I am so stressed (minsan) pero I feel happy pag sobrang busy ko. #weird 

YOLO hair. Hihihi. Remember my blog post about undercut? (Here) :P Did it! :P Actually, aside from this, I changed my hair color too! Guess what color? :)

Anagon Necklace | Top (forgot the brand) | Mint pants | Cardams shoes

Short post. More kwentos soon! Will definitely update my blog more often. Hihihi. I have biglaan meetings today so I'm rushing naaaa! Bye.

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Have a great day. Spread love. :)

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