Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Lunch at Italianni's

Hi everyone! I am working on my back logs na talaga! I will finish all of these pending posts as soon as possible. Hihihihi! :) For now.. Here's a blog post about food! I decided to add food na to my blog coz I super duper love food and I've been eating a lot (and hunting places just to eat HAHA). 

Last year... My family and I had a quick lunch (really quick) at Italianni's Restaurant, Eastwood. As far as I remember, we are supposedly going somewhere but I was hungry na so we ate. Hehehe! Will keep this post short. *wink*

Fashion and Interior Design Meet in Vero Moda's Pre-Spring 2014 Campaign

The company responsible for bringing foreign fashion brands like Aldo, American Eagle Outfitters, and Cotton On to the Philippine shores, Suyen Corporation introduces another international name to Filipino consumers: Danish fashion brand VERO MODA.

            VERO MODA ’s grand launch is at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall on January 29, 2014 , with the theme “Fashion and Interior Design Meet.” Models clad in trendy garbs by VERO MODA and footwear by Charles & Keith took on the stage, which features a beautiful setup that reinforces the collaboration of fashion and interior design. Arch doors are installed to serve as passages, from which the models make their grand entrances. The stage is decorated with furniture pieces by Cappellini, one of the Italian brands under Suyen Corporation, which are also used as stopping points, to give a new spin to the presentation rather than just having the usual T-shaped runway show. Complementing this elegant stage design are the equally tasteful collections of VERO MODA: Feminine and Lace, Sailor and Casual Sport, and Autumn Flowers and Noisy May - the brand’s edgy/trendy line.        

      For its Pre-Spring 2014 collection, VERO MODA gets creative and shakes up the approach to its campaign, while still keeping the focus on the clothes. Rather than just having models Cheng Yijia and Jules Mordovets pose against a solid studio background, what the brand does is combine interior design and fashion. Katja Hundrup, International Head of PR and Image at VERO MODA, explains, “We needed a new look-and-feel and, being based in Denmark, we used some of the cultural traditions we have here as stepping stones. I looked at Vilhelm Hammershøi’s paintings of rooms, and found it extremely fascinating how your imagination is sparked when you peek into a room.”

The fashion show is followed by the ribbon cutting.

Went to this event with a new friend, Ingrid. :)

With Allison Harvard

    VERO MODA offers good quality, on-trend, and affordable pieces for fashion-conscious, independent young women who want to achieve an expensive look for less.

        Entering the Philippine market with a unique, well thought-out campaign and fashion presentation, VERO MODA, which is slated to open its second store in SM Aura this March, is sure to make the local consumers stop and notice.     

     Visit Vero Moda  SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January Diary

A question from my Ice Breaker: What would you like to be doing this year?

Yes, I know... It's already February. Hahahaha! I just compiled some photos of my fave happenings last month. I have a long list of what I want to be doing this year and a photodiary every month is one. :)

New Year. New beginning. New experiences. New adventures. Hello 2014!

My most valued book&notebook: Bible, BDJ planner and my journal/devotional notebook PLUS my fave verse.

Oh hi red hair! Hihihi. Dyed my hair Dec. 31. Hmm.. I am planning to dye my hair again. Black or brown? Any suggestions?

Red hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha. I appreciate the crews at Mcdo Taytay. 

First bonding for 2014 with my small group. I love them so muuuuccccchhhh! Mcdo then perya after. We tried lang. #GotToBelieve ang peg. That's Chichay's perya talaga. Dyan sila nagshoot. 

I Love Taytay event. Manned Youth JiGS' booth with these lovely people.

Mentoring (slash) bonding at my new fave place! (I'll be blogging about this soon.)

Bonding (again). We're complete! :)

 Last month was full of meetingsssss. Hahaha! Meeting kung meeting talaga!

Two consecutive days in Eat Bulaga + a taping. Assisted and styled Ms. Karen Bordador.

Just realized that I don't have a solo picture with this woman of God last month. December pa talaga yang picture na yan. =) We tend to forget taking a photos when we're together. Meet Ate Martha. :) She's my mentor, accountability partner, ate....! Mej madami din kasi ganaps ko with her nung January so there...

Photoshoot at Heima. Can't wait to tell you what's with this shoot. :) So exciting!

Met Allison Harvard. Yiee. :"> Interviewed her too! Wait for it at

January: Meetingssssss, tapings, shoots and bonding. <3
How about you? How was your January? :)

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