Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January Diary

A question from my Ice Breaker: What would you like to be doing this year?

Yes, I know... It's already February. Hahahaha! I just compiled some photos of my fave happenings last month. I have a long list of what I want to be doing this year and a photodiary every month is one. :)

New Year. New beginning. New experiences. New adventures. Hello 2014!

My most valued book&notebook: Bible, BDJ planner and my journal/devotional notebook PLUS my fave verse.

Oh hi red hair! Hihihi. Dyed my hair Dec. 31. Hmm.. I am planning to dye my hair again. Black or brown? Any suggestions?

Red hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha. I appreciate the crews at Mcdo Taytay. 

First bonding for 2014 with my small group. I love them so muuuuccccchhhh! Mcdo then perya after. We tried lang. #GotToBelieve ang peg. That's Chichay's perya talaga. Dyan sila nagshoot. 

I Love Taytay event. Manned Youth JiGS' booth with these lovely people.

Mentoring (slash) bonding at my new fave place! (I'll be blogging about this soon.)

Bonding (again). We're complete! :)

 Last month was full of meetingsssss. Hahaha! Meeting kung meeting talaga!

Two consecutive days in Eat Bulaga + a taping. Assisted and styled Ms. Karen Bordador.

Just realized that I don't have a solo picture with this woman of God last month. December pa talaga yang picture na yan. =) We tend to forget taking a photos when we're together. Meet Ate Martha. :) She's my mentor, accountability partner, ate....! Mej madami din kasi ganaps ko with her nung January so there...

Photoshoot at Heima. Can't wait to tell you what's with this shoot. :) So exciting!

Met Allison Harvard. Yiee. :"> Interviewed her too! Wait for it at

January: Meetingssssss, tapings, shoots and bonding. <3
How about you? How was your January? :)

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