Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Lunch at Italianni's

Hi everyone! I am working on my back logs na talaga! I will finish all of these pending posts as soon as possible. Hihihihi! :) For now.. Here's a blog post about food! I decided to add food na to my blog coz I super duper love food and I've been eating a lot (and hunting places just to eat HAHA). 

Last year... My family and I had a quick lunch (really quick) at Italianni's Restaurant, Eastwood. As far as I remember, we are supposedly going somewhere but I was hungry na so we ate. Hehehe! Will keep this post short. *wink*

Caesar Salad

Carbonara Classico
Delicious! My baby brother loved it so much (more than I do). It's creamy but the taste is balanced. Will definitely order this when I go back there.

Watermelon Fruit Shake

I forgot what's the name of this drink. Hihihi. My brother said it's good.

Strawberry Fruit shake
I ordered my all-time favorite, strawberry fruit shake. It's refreshing but it's still the normal fruit shake.

With Ian, my brother

With Jed(my baby brother) and Mom. Dad's not with us because he's at work that time.

Meet my sister... Kidding.. Meet my Mom. :)

Outfit post here.

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