Saturday, March 29, 2014

Swag on Ice

It is so hot! Super hot. Grabe. I am not complaining tho. Just want to say hi summer! Anyhoo.. If you are following me on Twitter, you might have read my tweet that I want to do a lot of things today.

I want to:
A.) Hit the gym (#nuxx) B.) Swim C.) Get a massage D.) Ice skate
Here's my outfit when I tried ice skating at SM Megamall last.... Hihihi.
We were highly encouraged to wear pink or/and orange. Hahaha! Pink naman yung letters, right? Mej biglaan lang kasi 'to.

I was so happy that I was able to do this! You can see mah face naman. So hard, grabz lang.

SWG yo! I have been eye-ing this hoodie for a long time but Ate Martha (my friend and mentor) would never give this to me! Never! Hahaha. Kaya borrow borrow na lang. ;)

Wanna know what I chose?

My choice: None of the above. Stay at home and read books. Hahaha! I missed my pillows, blanket and books so I am spending time with them now. :)

H&M earring | Hoodie- borrowed | Mossimo black pants

I will be posting my #AlyannasFitnessParty on Ice one of these days. *wink wink* 

What are your plans this summer?

Photos by Kristen Racelis

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  1. You seem to be enjoying summer a lot. Your post made me miss ice skating!

  2. This is a real great way to enjoy summer. Now the problem is, I don't know how to skate! LOL

  3. I enjoyed looking at your smile on your photos, you really enjoyed what you are doing :-) I guess that outfit is just perfect. Ang lamig sa skating rink :-)

  4. Oh I love watching ice skating events. I am just amazed at how graceful they could be on ice. I have not tried ice skating because i kind of figure out that it is not for me when i tried roller blades and fell. I could not just get my footing right in roller blades, how much more with ice skates.

  5. I might break the ice, LOL! Nice outfit =) I'd prefer books, too. I'm on my Divergent series.

  6. I wanna do all the things you mention above.

  7. It shows that you really enjoyed it :)


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