Saturday, February 25, 2017

El Nido, Palawan in July | A Photo Diary

Few years ago, I promised myself to start traveling solo. I am not a loner, okay? I just wanted to experience the challenge and thrill of solo traveling! 

Disclaimer: This post is n months late. This trip has to be here because this was my first time to do solo traveling! #manlALECKbay

Manila MNL - Puerto Princesa PPS 
5:40 PM            7:05 PM
Oh-so-gloomy weather! No flight delay!!!

I arrived at around 7:30pm then I took a van agad going to El Nido! Based on what I've read, it will usually take passengers 6hrs to go to El Nido but in my case, 5 lang. Siguro din, it's because I traveled night time.
I stayed in a budget inn - the cheapest, I think - Tay Miloy's Inn. I knew that I wouldn't stay the whole time sa place so I chose yung pasok sa budget lang. Recommended place if you are in a budget! :)
Walking distance lang yung beach front, less than 3 minutes!
One funny thing... My friends were freaking out more than my parents. Hahahaha! I still remember them telling me to text them every now and them!
Before I went to El Nido, there was a storm. I thought I won't see the beauty of some islands there but thankfully, there was an available tour! Tour A was the only available tour so I took it immediately!
We were not able to visit all of the islands that were included in the list because of the big waves. Safety first so okay lang din! I'll be back naman, El Nido. ;)

These photos don't give justice to the beauty of El Nido. Promise, you need to see it yourself! Sobrang ganda! As in!!
Lunch buffet, my most favorite! Lahat fresh!!!!!
Panalo yung lunch, guys! Hehe.

My tourmates - wait, may ganun bang word? Hahaha. Most of them came from Davao daw. They were the ones who were always asking me if I want myself to be photographed. Hay, really nice people!
For those of you who are afraid to solo travel because you can't swim, worry not! May lifevest naman tyaka pray na din ng madami! Hehe. Pero of course, safety first! Let your tour guide know that you cannot swim so they can keep an eye on you!
Have you tried solo traveling already? Suggest some places please! :) If you haven't tried this, would you like to try?

Not much kwento because this trip happened almost 2 years ago! Haha. BUT this is one of my fave trips! First time experiences will always be memorable!

See you on my next #manlALECKbay trip! Yay!

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