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6 Reasons Why You Must Not Stay at Space EDSA

Back in high school, I used to live in a dormitory. It was deadly exhausting to commute everyday at 5:30am then go home at 6pm so my parents allowed me to live in the school dormitory.
Fast forward to 2017.... My school is in Ortigas and most of the time, my work and meetings are either in Makati or in Ortigas. I spend almost 5 hours everyday on the road! YES 5 HOURS!!! By the way, I live in Rizal. It's not that far as you think it is. Without the heavy traffic, Ortigas is just (a kembot) 15-30 minutes away but because I'm in the Philippines, that distance takes me 2-3 hours going to Ortigas, 1.5-2.5 hours going back not including the time I spend falling in line or waiting for the shuttle/bus.

I realized that wasting so much time is not healthy anymore. Time is precious! I know I can do more things if I lessen my commute hours so I decided to look for a place to stay in. I found Space EDSA and here are 6 reasons why you must not stay at Space EDSA.

I super duper love Space EDSA actually! I've been staying there for two months already! So what are the reasons why you should not stay there?

1. You should not stay at Space EDSA if you don't like accessibility and convenience!
Space EDSA is located on the 3rd floor of Major Homes' headquarters, 167 EDSA, Mandaluyong City. It's in front of Reliance, Ricoa, near Petron and VRP! It's accessible to malls such as SM Light and Robinsons Forum. If you want more malls, you can take a bus or even walk going to Shangri-La Mall, Robinsons Galleria and Megamall!  Space EDSA is also near Boni Station!
If going to school takes me 2-3 hours before, Space to school only takes me 10 to 15 minutes! Going to Makati takes me less than 25 minutes! What a saver, right? 
"Space EDSA is a shared dormitory service that was built with the young, energetic and dynamic lifestyles of students and office workers in mind.

With living spaces and common areas designed to meet the demands of the busy life of students and office workers alike, Space EDSA allows each Spacer to live near where they want to be." 

One of my favorite part at Space - this big mirror! I can double check my look before going out!
Visit Maddie's blog! She's staying at Space also.
Left: Going to the male's rooms | Center: Going to the common area | Right: Going to the female's rooms
2. Do not stay at Space EDSA if you don't want a working/studying/chillaxing space!
The common area can be used by Spacers to eat, to study/work, or to watch TV! Cable and WiFi are available!

This is a plus for me, okay? I am a coffee person! 7-11 is below Space and they have French Vanilla!!!!! Have you tasted it before? You must try it!
This is my usual working and studying area! You don't need to worry about sockets because there's a lot!
3. You must not stay at Space EDSA if you want to pay a fee for the gym!
The gym is free for all Spacers to use anytime — burn those calories on the treadmill and sculpt those muscles using their weight training facilities. Awesome, right? But I haven't tried this out yet... in time! Hahahaha. You can sStay fit and hit the gym after work or school while you stay at Space EDSA. 
4. You must not stay at Space EDSA if you want one bathroom for everyone!
One thing that I love about Space -- Space EDSA has enough bathrooms (shower area and toilet cubicles) for all the Spacers! I can wake up anytime I want without worrying if I can already take a bath or not. During my stay, I have never encountered a scenario where I've waited for my turn!
Cute decorations, right?
5. You must not stay at Space EDSA if you don't like nice aesthetics!
Every corner of Space is pleasing to the eyes! Everything is IG worthy! Haha! 
6. You must not stay at Space EDSA if you want to pay more than P4,200! ;)
Spacers can enjoy air-conditioned rooms with key card/RFID access, free use of common kitchenette, living and dining areas, free use of the gym 24/7, electricity and water. All-in rate is at P4,200! Isn't it affordable? Only P140/day! Mga two-piece chicken lang yan!
What do you think about Space? Take a visit!
Space is easy to find! If you are on Edsa southbound, Space EDSA is the building with the word “Major” on it. The building also has a Security Bank on the ground floor. For easy reference, it is beside Victor R. Potenciano (VRP) Hospital and in between Shaw and Boni stations of the MRT. If you are on Sierra Madre, space can be accessed via the stairs with the metal railing. For easy reference, there is a 7-11 on the ground floor.

Be a spacer now!
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  2. Hi! How do you commute from Space to Makati? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Sheen! You can just take a bus going to Makati!


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